Some people inevitably believe that the larger the pools the better. But it is always not so. Sometimes the smaller pools might be the better ones in terms of design and view. When it comes to pools the best thing comes down to relax able factor. The pools will always be judged by their ambience and their natural appeal.

Some of the people around the world have managed to create the best in terms of color and visual. This is why they have received mention in the list of the best pools of the world. These pools invariably have their own unique appeal and are situated in the most exotic locations.

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A spectacular blend of color and locality is what makes them top in our list. Check out the following list and decide for yourselves whether you want o take a dip on these waters or not.

12 - Nemo 33, Belgium



This is the deepest pool in the world with the lower depths completely free of chlorine. Pristine clean waters is what makes it more attractive.