Check out the fast food restaurant you’d never bypass

What they had in mind is the entire setting of fast food purchase. Understanding that their target group is urban people with significantly short feeding time, the designers of “Ham On Wheels”, combined the Spanish bicycle culture with the exquisite taste of Catalan ham. The result was a unique diner, full of color, aroma and delight.

The designers had an initial task of employing ideas as protagonists of Catalan cuisine: heavy pieces of ham in all shapes and colors hang above the bar, stating messages such as: Take away, Barcelona’s best beer and others. The walls are partially decorated with hexagonal jars, alike those used in households for the preservation of tomatoes (key ingredient of Barcelona’s famous Pa amb tomaquet).

The second task would be to charge design into promoting meat: The “Ham on Wheels” team claims to have the best ham in town, because of obtaining it from happy pigs. Therefore, a wall has been decorated with a naïve, funny engraving of a wheel piglet. Soon after its creation, the piglet became the iconic element of the restaurant.

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Finally, a connection to biking has been made: instead of regular chairs, customers enjoy food on a bicycle seat, or a beer plug, if choosing the right hand side. The floor is also amazing-it is transformed into a road-marking system, orientating customers towards different parts of the restaurant. The passage is originally programmed as a pavement, with the chairs looking like bikes parked on the side.


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