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How to create a recognizable logo

The Sushi and Co. idea could definitely help all holders of Japanese restaurants solve their biggest design mystery: How to create a recognizable logo, encompassing three essential components: the name of the company, the location of the restaurant and the small dose of Japanese spirit.

The desired visual effect concentrates on the letter “S”, standing for sushi, but looking a bit closer, one could recognize all the other letters combined in a single symbol. Look carefully: created in a marvelous way, the logo includes even the dot!

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The restaurant in question is located on a cruise ship on the Baltic Sea. Therefore, the first though of a brand identity designer would be to include fish image when operating. This designer, though, went a step further by generating an overall image of the ocean environment.

For instance, the central parts are waves, drawn in a manner that could remind every casual passenger of his childhood sketches.  Subconsciously, this awakes an irresistible wish to go inside and try the place out. Indeed, graphic design for commercial purposes does require psychology!

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Along with all decorations, a glance at the color scheme would tell us a lot concerning the prestige of a place.  Besides of being sophisticated, the colors used by Sushi and Co (coral pink, deep carmine and buff beige) invoke a feeling of happiness and serenity. On the other hand, their cutlery accessories have a pleasant, dim gray shade, fitting perfectly within the futuristic interior.

1 - a-breakthrough-in-brand-identities-nothing-more-than-letters-to-make-you-recognizable 

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7 - a-breakthrough-in-brand-identities-nothing-more-than-letters-to-make-you-recognizable

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