1 a-piece-of-nature-on-your-desk-practical-pencil-pot-to-refresh-your-office

A piece of nature on your desk

For those of us who still choose eco-friendly environment over the simplicity of non-organic interior decorations, the idea of a pot-pencil case could be really useful.

The idea is original, cost-effective and takes just a day of work. The final product, though, is amazing.

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First of all, you would need an empty wooden box, shaped and sized according to your needs.

One quarter of it should be thick with variable capacity holes to fit your pencils or markers, while the rest is supposed to serve as a pot for small cactuses or dry flowers.

Depending on the plant, the pot should ideally be coated with glass and filled with small stones or soil.

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Do not forget to involve your imagination: Your new office pot does not necessarily have to be sharp: It can always turn into a round box, with pens in the middle and nature all around them.

2 a-piece-of-nature-on-your-desk-practical-pencil-pot-to-refresh-your-office

3 a-piece-of-nature-on-your-desk-practical-pencil-pot-to-refresh-your-office

4 a-piece-of-nature-on-your-desk-practical-pencil-pot-to-refresh-your-office

5 a-piece-of-nature-on-your-desk-practical-pencil-pot-to-refresh-your-office

6 a-piece-of-nature-on-your-desk-practical-pencil-pot-to-refresh-your-office

8 a-piece-of-nature-on-your-desk-practical-pencil-pot-to-refresh-your-office

9 a-piece-of-nature-on-your-desk-practical-pencil-pot-to-refresh-your-office

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