11-hed - enlighten-your-desk-with-a-spear-peak-of-functional-elegance

enclosing the efficient LED luminescence

Designed both for the functionality of your office and the comfort of your home, this futuristic droplet lamp is perfect for practical and creative spirits at the same time.

The lamp is a product of hand blown glass with expressive raw curves, which contribute to its glorious appearances.

The shape is conical, starting with an ellipsoid surface narrowing slowly to an obsolete and transparent peak. The gradation is once again emphasized by the progressive weakening of whiteness.

On the middle, there is a circumferential, golden line, enclosing the efficient LED luminescence. This contributes to an excellent performance without overheating. The droplet lamp works with sensors, by a simple hand contact with the previously mentioned line.

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Regardless where you put it or how you tilt it, this lamp could never lose balance, because of its wooden surface, lowering the centre of mass.



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