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Alphabet of the Countries

Alphabet of the Countries is a noncommercial project by Zergutdesign Studio from Russia.

The idea behind this fun project was to create one logo for each English alphabet. Each letter is represented by one country who's name starts with that letter. In the end, we got one logotype for each letter except for the letter X, because there is no country with the initial “X”.

The project contains 25 logos in total and through each logo designers tried to present their notion of a particular country.

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Typography is a very creative and often used form that gives many opportunities for imaginatition, but also requires meaningfulness and knowledge.

The creator, Pavel Zertsikel, showed in this project how knowledge of colors, blends, contrasts and typography can be used to create a real piece of art.

The logotypes are created as a combination of colors and slick 3D looks and only hand drawing was used for creating these logotypes, without use of fonts.

We are sure that this collection can be inspiration to many designers, so have a look at them all and share your thoughts with us.

A - alphabet-of-the-countries-project

B - alphabet-of-the-countries-project

C - alphabet-of-the-countries-project

D - alphabet-of-the-countries-project

E - alphabet-of-the-countries-project

F - alphabet-of-the-countries-project

G - alphabet-of-the-countries-project

H - alphabet-of-the-countries-project

I - alphabet-of-the-countries-project

J - alphabet-of-the-countries-project

K - alphabet-of-the-countries-project

L - alphabet-of-the-countries-project