Creativity in service of interior design

Have you ever considered refreshing your working environment with few alternative ideas?  Many would be surprised over the effect of interior design on business’s welfare. In fact, a colorful and vivacious surrounding does not only influence workers, but also attracts clients who enjoy spending time there. The message is unique: Working should not be a simple obligation. Working should be fun.

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And these are the components for achieving it:
An asymmetrical architectural solution needs to be implemented: rather than the usual square shape, space in DekoRatio’s office is a meshwork of ply lines, creating an illusionary division of facilities.  Observed from aerial perspective, the office looks like a “K” corner, pointing out the logo of the company.

Too many is not too much: An initial impression is the lack of clear separation-not just because of the lines and CEC corridors, but also due to the variety of material used on a single surface. For instance, take a look at the floors: most of them are made of at least two types of laminate! The idea behind it is to inspire a feeling, that by moving from the reception to the accounting room, you are actually being part of a sketch.

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Furniture is not an asset, but a messenger: The place is tastefully furnished with up-to-date master works, predominately white, but streaked here and there with flashy colors. The dominant message is knowledge and inspiration, which can be observed through a variety of shapes: letter-like shelves, chair-benches and bulbs attached to simple cable lines, matching the overall layer. A strikingly black clock is drawn on the manager’s wall, as a powerful sign of time efficiency.

By incorporating a theme, you inspire a soul: Last, but not least is the approach DekoRatio used to achieve both: decorate the place, but also point out the agency’s brand strategy. Inspired by the influence of pop culture on applied art, designers chose popular comic sketches and superheroes to reduce the burden of work.

The recognizable BOOM sign, imprinted on the cupboard stands for brainstorming in the conference room, while the WOW, smartly positioned in the waiting area, ought to prepare visitors for an awesome experience. Later on, business takes place in cute conference rooms, equipped with palette-tables and inspiring messages, such as believing in the better.

1st room. Reception

 1-1 creativity-in-service-of-interior-design-a-visible-message-of-quality

1-2 creativity-in-service-of-interior-design-a-visible-message-of-quality

1-3 creativity-in-service-of-interior-design-a-visible-message-of-quality

1-4 creativity-in-service-of-interior-design-a-visible-message-of-quality


2nd room. Small conference room

 2-1 creativity-in-service-of-interior-design-a-visible-message-of-quality

2-2 creativity-in-service-of-interior-design-a-visible-message-of-quality

This photo by Kevin Harald Campean. All other photos by Bálint Jaksa.
2-4 creativity-in-service-of-interior-design-a-visible-message-of-quality


3-1 creativity-in-service-of-interior-design-a-visible-message-of-quality


3rd room. Project management

4-1 creativity-in-service-of-interior-design-a-visible-message-of-quality

4-2 creativity-in-service-of-interior-design-a-visible-message-of-quality


Gas meter cupboard

 5-1 creativity-in-service-of-interior-design-a-visible-message-of-quality

5-2 creativity-in-service-of-interior-design-a-visible-message-of-quality

5-3 creativity-in-service-of-interior-design-a-visible-message-of-quality