Water is one of the most essential components of our survival. The body’s existence without water is impossible. There is hardly any chance that we could survive without water at any rate. However that being said, water is also the most deadly thing if it gets contaminated.

Warm water may well be used for our relaxation but if the water gets too hot then we will get burned or it might even kill us to get trapped in an undertow. Water is best enjoyed when it is balanced. Some people have a phobia related to waters. Water is one of the world’s most essential yet complex components.

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But whether you love it or hate it, water is required by all us living creatures. Sometimes nature puts together the droplets of water in the most scenically beautiful ways. Below is a list of such places around the world where water takes a pleasant form for the eyes.

10 - Beppu Hells, Japan



There are 8 hotspots here which are called “Hell” probably due to the reddish hue emanating from them. These geysers get creepy as they emit vapor as well as sulphuric odor.