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Unique combination of technology and design

What we are about to show you is an original invention, maximizing your phone’s functionality.

Proud owners of iPhone 4, 4s, 5 and 5s (soon, also those of 6) are about to discover a more efficient approach towards charging their phones, by being able to use their most important features at the same time.

In fact, we are presenting an elegant arm holder, able to turn your iPhone’s flashlight into a desk lamp.

C-curved and tastefully white, the holder has a tiny nook on tops, where you could install your phone and let the light spread over your books. Once installed, the bottom part is still open and available for charging.

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Of course, that is not the only function of the holder: thanks to the sound amplifier of this eco-lamp, not just your light, but also your favorite music becomes louder.


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