We all love a good thrill. When it comes to the abandoned houses, the creepy mysterious places, we cannot resist the urge to seek further. Did you know that there are at least twenty five places on the face of Earth that have unsolved mysteries? Most of these places have a rather “evil” history attached to them which will give you goose bumps as you read on.

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There are also other places which have simply been abandoned out of superstition – but are still creepy! Sometimes a great thrill propels a great adventure. Would you want to visit one such place? There are about twenty five creepy places listed below. To know more about these places and their history, keep reading.

25 Actun Tunichil Muknal



The Cave of the Stone Sepulcher, this place is eerie. The skulls which you see in the image are of small children. These children were said to be sacrificed for some ritual to eradicate drought in the area. This place is the home of numerous such skulls.